"It is Kumbaya as I've never heard it before...it not only works, it works triumphantly"

"It is 'Kumbaya' as I've never heard it before: no acoustic guitars, no wholesome foot-tapping of open-toed sandals in the aisles, but performed instead as full-blown gospel music by the Soul Sanctuary Choir, complete with bass, keyboards and drums. And to add to the novelty, it is the closing hymn at the 6.15pm Sunday Mass at Farm Street, the sumptuous Gothic Revival headquarters of the Jesuits in London's Mayfair, where the lashings of marble, gilt and stained glass seem better suited to etherial plainchant or 'Lead Kindly Light' than the choir's exultant refrain of 'shower down on me'. And yet, it not only works, it works triumphantly."

Peter Stanford, The Tablet