'Sunday Service with Mica Paris', Live from the Church of Sound, London

Live Recording with Mica Paris of four tracks from her new album “Gospel”

On October 29th 2020, Warner Music invited six of us to join Mica, pianist Jason Thompson and Hammond organist Howard Francis at the Church of Sound in Clapton for a promotional audio and video recording session of four of the forthcoming album tracks: I Still Haven’t Found (What I’m Looking For), Motherless Child, Human and Mamma Said.

The session was almost entirely “live”, in that only the bass guitar and drums were overdubbed, and the song arrangements were identical to those on the album.

But these recordings turned out to be more than just a promotional clips, at least as far as we’re concerned, because they’re absolutely perfect! Warners threw the best they have in sound and video, and as a result the clips look amazing and sound absolutely superb. Mica is on top form (though when is she not?). Beautiful playing from both Jason and Howard, with perhaps a tiny bit more “church” inflection than on the album. And we sound great, being mixed in as a backing choir but still sounding muscular. All the planets were in line!

So sad that covid regulations did not permit us to have more singers on the session. Initially Mica wanted the whole of SSGC on her album, but this would have required a studio the size of a football pitch.

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