'Step by Step' animated music video now on youtube!

Watch 'Step By Step' on Youtube

On November 1st 2020, Soul Sanctuary and St James’s Piccadilly premiered 'Courage - Standing up to Racism', an online collection of song and word challenging people of all backgrounds to play their part in dismantling racism and inequality.

Those of you who tuned in will remember this video from the credits sequence. We believe Whitney Houston’s 'Step By Step' brings hope that change is possible in small everyday words, deeds and actions. Our recording, which was made entirely in peoples’ homes, is a pretty close cover of the Preacher’s Wife version, but with acoustic drums and keys (we’ve tried to keep the 90’s synth vibe). Choir members filmed themselves singing & dancing at home (and at St. James's) and the footage was rotoscoped with suitably energetic colours.. Hope you like it as much as we do!

Watch 'Courage - Standing up to Racism'

Lead vocalists: Nonye Ajuonuma, Erica Hesketh, Shyan-Lee Hunte and Parris O’Connor

Mixing/Mastering: Peter Yarde Martin

Animation: JG

'Step by Step' originally written by Annie Lennox & arranged by Whitney Houston

We plan to release the songs from 'Courage' individually over the coming weeks, to try and play our small part in keeping these issues in the foreground at a time when much else is in the headlines.