Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir release 'Rise Within Us: the Coming of the Spirit'

Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir singing at St James's Church, Piccadilly

Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir has released Israel Houghton's inspirational modern gospel classic 'Rise Within Us' in the form of “sung scripture" created initially as an audio recording for Wandsworth Prison Radio in London.

The choir were invited by the Chaplaincy Team to create music for Wandsworth Prison Radio for Pentecost Sunday 2020 (31st May) having sung in the chapel at HMP Wandsworth at Easter 2018. They have recorded from home during the Covid-19 lockdown, to produce 'sung scripture' based on Acts 2 - the Pentecost story. They've used 'Rise Within Us' - as a vehicle for biblical text which is spoken and sung in an improvised style.  It's a form of singing that they've developed as part of their ministry at St James's Church Piccadilly where they sing each month.

Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir has been part of the London gospel scene since 2005. They've brought the soulful and uplifting sound of contemporary gospel music to BBC Radio and festivals like Greenbelt and the Big Church Day Out. But they've also worked with community groups, refugee groups and in prisons, firmly believing in the power of gospel music to inspire secular audiences as well as church ones.


Choir Director, Clarence Hunte commented on the recording. 'We are honoured to have been asked by the Chaplaincy Team at HMP Wandsworth to sing there again, even though this time it’s virtual'.

Band Leader, Peter Yarde Martin said 'The Pentecost story is a powerful reminder of God’s presence in us and with us today, just as it was with the disciples. Hopefully, this message and our music will be as inspiring to listen to as it was to make! .'

An animated video inspired by the drama of the Pentecost narrative - the wind and the fire from heaven, the babble of tongues as men are filled with the Holy Spirit - has been created for SSGC by one of our regular designers to complement our audio recording for Wandsworth Prison Radio.

The video of the song will be released on this page at 10 am on Sunday 31st May 2020.  Photos are owned by Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir and may be used without restriction. For interviews and enquiries about "Rise Within Us": the Coming of the Spirit, contact Miko Giedroyc on 07982 441536 or at  This press release will be adapted after the release of the video to indicate that the release has taken place.  This press release is authorised by prison authorities.

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